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YES Essay Contest

The winners of the 2022 Young Economists' Society Essay Contest.

Winner: Hin Tak Ben Law - Eton College, United Kingdom

Special mention: Nori Law - King George V School, Hong Kong

Special mention: Eva Solway - Kellett School, Hong Kong

Essay title: Inflation in the United Kingdom rose to its highest level in almost 30 years in January 2022. Discuss the economic effects of such high rates of inflation.


Feedback from the judges:

Essays were well written with insightful analysis of the effects of high inflation in the UK. In most essays a range of reliable sources were used to support this analysis. In the best essays there was clear and nuanced evaluation of the effects of high inflation. To improve, some answers would benefit from:

  • Focusing on the question - the effects of inflation not why inflation is occurring.

  • Expanding a point fully before moving on to the next point.

  • Using reliable sources to support all points.

  • Evaluating points rather than focusing on only the positives and negatives.

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