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© 2018 - Young Economists' Convention



Founded in 2001, the Young Economists’ Convention (YEC) series is dedicated towards providing learning opportunities for the youth. As we bridge established and emerging leaders of today to representatives from public institutions, private companies, social enterprises, and the academe, we create avenues to start meaningful discussions about the world’s most pressing issues.


While the YEC began as panel discussion, it has gone through much development and growth. Today, the YEC represents a footprint of an array of activities centered in the field of economics for the youth and by the youth. It is now a series of conventions, seminars, workshops, competitions and the like. Various projects have also stemmed from the YEC such as the Young Economists’ Journal (YEJ), Blog (YEB), Learning Lecture series (YELLS), and Information Bits (Infobits).


Despite its evolution, the YEC has kept itself centered on its mission statement: “to continuously produce young yet holistic and socially responsible economists and to pursue a legacy of continuous improvement in economic research and policy development.”